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Since our inception, our company has been dedicated to solving our customer’s labor problems, efficiently and transparently.


We assume your labor-law and employee responsibilities. We also advise and represent you before the relevant bodies, offering a comprehensive solution to your needs.


No matter where you are, we offer our services throughout Mexico and the United States.


We provide an innovative, assertive, always transparent and effective solution, because our greatest interest is for our clients’ complete confidence that we are delivering the best service.

ISO 9001 - 2008,

granted by "Quality & Competitive College, S.C.", an organization supported by the Mexican Accreditation, A.C., to meet the requirements of the International Quality Standard for the management of our processes.

National and international coverage,

because today we have the capacity and infrastructure to offer each and every one of our services and the capacity to attend the businesses of our clients, both in Mexico and the United States.

Effective infrastructure,

which allows the calculation and processing of your payroll and timely employee payment, since EOG’s personnel an technology infrastructure is safe and highly reliable.

Alliance with Cavazos Flores S. C.,

one of the most prestigious labor law firms in Mexico. This alliance, as well as various alliances were formed to complement the effectiveness and professionalism of the legal support EOG offers at any time and place.

Performance bond,

which runs from the moment you hire our services. It is a guarantee that your company is disclaimed from any labor-law responsibility; meaning EOG complies with all obligations under personnel administration.

Additional services,

that will compliment our custom-fitted legal support and personnel management. Call us and we will advise you.

Technological innovation,

tools that will enable our customers to have the necessary information on their employees in real time. At EOG, we have a specialized department that analyzes the development of the applications, to meet this target area.


to important data regarding tax payments and contributions of each of your employees in real time, whenever you require it. With these online tools, you will keep abreast to this subject.


from experts who will always be available to answer all your questions and meet your requirements in the areas you have entrusted us, with the full attention your Company deserves.

At EOG, Employment, Optimization & Growth,

we are experts in labor solutions, both in personnel management and labor law framework, in addition to offering services that are part of an integral compromise, which we conduct with transparency, quality and professionalism.

We assume your labor-law responsibilities

by absorbing complete labor liabilities based on work relations, by stepping forward and representing you before the proper authorities and offering assistance anywhere in the country.

Focus on your business, leave your personnel to us,

because at EOG, we recognize workers seniority, benefits and labor rights. We also calculate and distribute payroll, and attend labor-management relations by fulfilling the obligations before IMSS, SAR, INFONAVIT and ISR.

Personnel recruitment and selection

according to specific job profiles. We apply psychometric tests, graphology and honesty assessments, we conduct socio-economic studies and investigate work references, while managing your employees' travel expenses.

Maquila and payroll management

with our software created and developed by EOG Soluciones Laborales® and our reliable technological infrastructure, combined with the experience that backs us, we can guarantee the calculation, preparation and timely payment of your payroll.

We have
years of experience,
satisfied customers and growing,
and more than
qualified candidates.


Let us begin preparations


Together with you, we do a complete analysis of your company to identify your needs and offer a comprehensive package that meets your requirements.


After determining the services you requisite, we will adapt them to fit the particular and specific characteristics of your company.


Along with our customers, a plan that includes your needs and the services that will cover them. You decide what you need.


As soon as you begin working with us, you can direct your focus at your business, while we take care of your employees.

Technology that will help you
access your personal information

Technological tools

That work on multiple platforms

100% adjustable to your operation

With 24 hour support, 365 days a year.

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Let us guide you:
we know the way
We are experts on labor-law and personnel management.

technological options
developed by us

“To implement responsible and productive outsourcing businesses need to engage with companies interested in caring for their workers ...”

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